663 million people in the world lack access to clean and safe drinking water. We are engaging, uniting, training, and encouraging Aggies to do something about it.

In the fall of 2006, three A&M students became aware of the global water crisis. Faced with the reality that (at that point) over a billion people in the world didn't have access to clean water, they founded "1000 Wells Project" in the spring of 2007 and raised a couple thousand dollars for clean water in Africa with a campaign called "Two Weeks of Sacrifice."

After a quick doubling of active members, the 2008 Two Weeks campaign grew as well in popularity and production. Membership doubled again in 2009 despite all 3 founding members graduating.

The new leaders brought change and growth in 2009. A partnership with Living Water International was formed and the name was changed to "The Wells Project." After another successful Two Weeks campaign, Living Water International hired a Wells Project founder to the position of University Coordinator in 2010.

Behind the strength of The Wells Project Texas A&M and its 50+ members, LWI began efforts to engage students on other campuses using the TWP model and a revamped campaign called 10 Days. For 10 Days, students and members of our communities make water their only beverage. We save what we would normally spend on coffee, sodas, and other drinks, and donate it together to fund clean water wells. Last year, the 2015 10 Days campaign yielded around $71,386 for clean water wells in Rwanda.

Since 2012, The Wells Project Texas A&M has lead the charge of the growing number of chapters of passionate college students across the country toward the mission of changing lives through clean water.